A question about a recipe: Pear Rosemary Danish

I have a question about step 6 on the recipe "Pear Rosemary Danish" from hardlikearmour. It says:

"Flour your counter top or a piece of parchment paper. Use a generous amount of flour to prevent the dough from sticking from the counter. Sprinkle the top of the dough lightly with flour as needed to prevent sticking to the rolling pin. Roll the larger portion of the dough out into a rectangle that is large enough to fit into the bottom, and up and slightly over the sides of a 13- by 9-inch baking pan. (About 17 to 18 inches by 13 to 14 inches.) "I don't understand why there are two pan sizes."

  • Posted by: Marga
  • October 3, 2011
Pear Rosemary Danish
Recipe question for: Pear Rosemary Danish


hardlikearmour October 3, 2011
Merrill is exactly correct. I use a standard 13- by 9-inch cake pan when making this, so to make it fit the dough needs to be 4 to 5 inches larger in each direction.
Merrill S. October 3, 2011
I believe the second set of measurements are the dimensions you should aim for when rolling out the the dough.
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