Hummus pairings

I finally found a hummus recipe that I love! Now I want to explore different ways to use the hummus. I find some of the normal veggie dippers, like celery, a little blah. Any creative ideas on how I can pair hummus with various types of food? Maybe even serve it on cooked food (I was thinking something like steamed broccoli)? Thanks for the help!



Nancy January 10, 2019
hummus with pickled vegetables
hummus in sabich (roasted eggplant sandwich)
hummus with beef (many recipes out there)...if I can find the one I used, I'll link it later.
MgRomania January 10, 2019
I took a risk with flavours the other day trying to make an additional layer to put on top of hummus. I decide on the wild idea of making a spinach, peanut, cheddar, garlic, olive oil pesto. I layered that on top of a hummus that I had added Turmeric into. My kids hesitantly took a nibble of this green and yellow weirdness. Their eyes lit up, and they gobbled it down! bread, crackers, chips, leftover vegetable sticks; the devoured it all trying to get the last of this mixture! And, no I didn't write the recipe down. It was all "eyeballed". So, my basic idea is to put a layer of some kind of pesto on top and see what happens. Cheers!

pierino October 3, 2011
It will also go well alongside a nice tabbouleh salad. The traditional version is very green with chopped parsely, mint and bulgar. I like to make mine in a French style using couscous.
beyondcelery October 3, 2011
Use hummus in place of mayo for deviled eggs--that's probably one of my most-requested creations. Just blend a few of the cooked egg yolks into it for a richer, creamier hummus, add a little cumin and coriander, and garnish with smoked paprika and chopped parsley.

It's also great with a fresh cucumber, olives, and feta plate--sort of like a cross between a cheese plate and a veggie plate.

Or swirl a bit of sweet roasted red pepper paste/chopped sweet red pepper (such as the genius recipe recently featured) into the hummus and serve it with toasted pita or naan.
Aimless October 3, 2011
I figured out that I like hummus mixed with baba ganouj (which I recently mastered) better than either one on its own (ditto mashed potato mixed with mashed rutabaga, same concept). Flavor and texture of these combos are better than either alone. I like to put some in a little bowl, drop in chopped fresh tomato and crunchy croutons and spoon it up like a savory sundae. could we stuff a pepper or a cabbage leaf with it?
SKK October 3, 2011
A couple more ideas - use it on pizza, or flatbread with different vegetables you like. Also, a wrap with hummus, quinoa and vegetables.
SKK October 3, 2011
Love this recipe from cooklynveg and tiggybee's and everything JessicaBakes recommends. Also think it would be great with broccoli, as you suggested.
JessicaBakes October 3, 2011
Two words: sandwich spread. Lose the mustard or mayo and use the hummus instead!

I also love tossing cooked veggies (like carrots or roasted cauliflower) in hummus and garnishing with some lemon juice and parsley
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