Celery root/celeriac, broccoli stems, apples: can this make a tasty soup?

I've made soups with celery root/celeriac and apples, and with broccoli and apples, but is combining the three going too far? If so, do you think a soup of celery root and broccoli stems would be good (I don't need to use apples, but I'd really like to use the broccoli and celery root to make something for dinner tonight). Thanks for your help!



CarlaCooks March 8, 2013
Thanks for your answers! I went for it, and am glad I did. The broccoli made it a bit more earthy than just a celeriac and apple soup, and I did add some creme fraiche to it, which was a lovely touch. Along with some garlic whole wheat croutons, it was a lovely meal. Thanks for your help!
aargersi March 8, 2013
I think it would be very tasty! Maybe with some cream added in too?
William W. March 8, 2013
I think you should go for it! Also, if you don't have your heart set on soup, you can always cut everything into matchsticks and make a nice winter slaw.
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