i am having a small cocktail party (informal) for 8 people. I'd like to do most prep

beforehand. Suggestions for recipes?

Stephanie G


SKK October 5, 2011
And don't forget Fennel and White Bean Dip which can be made ahead by ingredient and mixed and baked right before the party http://www.food52.com/recipes/8908_roasted_fennel_white_bean_dip
wssmom October 5, 2011
I love cocktail parties!! (No surprise there, right?) The Fig and Bleu Cheese Savories mentioned in Summer of Eggplant's response are lovely, and Niknud's suggestion of the deviled eggs is great, here's one recipe I adore:
Hardlikearmour's brie and grape tart is different and delish:
Mrs. Larkin makes a great radish appetizer:
and for something completely different, Tom Hirshfield offers this option:

Have fun!!

Summer O. October 5, 2011
Cocktail foods, cocktail parties and planning them are my favorite so excuse me if I get verbose. Lately I am feeling nostalgic for the cocktail foods of my parents - baked brie en croute, rumaki, shrimp cocktail (which I sometimes serve with chimmichurri instead of cocktail sauce, always a hit), mini beef wellingtons. A crudite using vegetables with fall colors and fall vegetables, perhaps something not expected like sweet potato or brussels sprouts. Any sort or canape would work. These recipes also go well and can be made ahead. http://www.food52.com/recipes/8010_fig_and_blue_cheese_savouries
In my home state of Maryland no cocktail party in the fall or winter is complete without crab dip. http://www.baltimoresun.com/travel/bal-bab-crabrecipes0517,0,3368772.htmlstory
Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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When throwing a cocktail party, you want to give your guests an experience that they can't really get elsewhere. That means putting together a menu that is brand new and exciting. I always throw a themed party. If you choose to do Italian for example, try the following: arancini balls with smoked mozzarella, bison and lamb meatballs with a nice pasta sauce, chocolate eggplant, a bruschetta bar, and a veggie platter should cover you.
sdebrango October 5, 2011
These are delicious, easy to prep ahead of time.
Niknud October 5, 2011
Deviled eggs are super easy and you can do them a ton of different ways. One with smoked paprika and bacon (I think that came from epicurious?). One traditional. One with chipotle or harissa or some other spicy blend. Scoop out the yolks and prepare the fillings ahead of time and then just fill them prior to serving. Also there might be something to be said for a cheese and olive plate (always a hit). Toasted baguettes with a variety of toppings that guests can add themselves - a tomato topping, a salmon/caper blend, an olive tapenade. Helping any?
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