I left a pot with a large amount of marmalde-to-be on the burner with the gas on for ten hours. How do I get ride of the carbon?

There is carbonized deposits on both the stove and stockpot that seem impervious to hot water and vinegar.

  • Posted by: jjoun
  • October 6, 2011


latoscana October 6, 2011
Another vote for Barkeeper's Friend.
melissav October 6, 2011
I find that barkeep's friend works really well. I've also done the baking soda trick, boiling it as Sam notes above. Never thought to add HP, will try that next time.
Sam1148 October 6, 2011
Hydrogen peroxide.
For the pot put in at least 1/2 inch of HP and add tsp of baking soda.
Heat it...it must be heated. to start the catalytic reaction.
It will stink, harmlessly, but turn on vent.
Scrub with a scouring 'green back' sponge..and repeat.
It's magic the HP will lift off the carbon from pot. It won't remove stains..but will get rid of crusts..chemically bonded to the pot.

let it boil a bit..the HP will bind to the sugars bonded to the pan and lift off the carbon.
The peroxide loves to bind with carbon..sugars. and releases it bound to surfaces.

For the stove I really do not know..but heating up a HP mix and let that bubble a bit...this will depend on your stove. I"ve done it on a glass top stove heating pouring to lift off high carbon (sugar) crusts..and it worked great.

If you have a bottle...try it and report back. I'd like to see if this works for you for your pot.
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