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One more question about this recipe. I made it last night and it came out kind of dense. I definitely had a problem trying to fold in the softened butter. The directions say to not melt the butter, just soften it, which I would think would mean that the butter is not liquid. But when I added the butter to the batter, it just became a big lump and would not fold into the batter, at all. So the butter was still in fairly distinct lumps when I added the dry ingredients, and I ended up over mixing, I think, to smooth out the lumps of butter out. Should I have left the lumps in? Should the butter have been in small pieces/chunks and left that way even when adding the dry ingredients? Sorry for the long question. :)


- Regina

Regina Myers
Torta di Mele
Recipe question for: Torta di Mele


DueSpaghetti October 7, 2011
Sdebrango's right on, Regina. The butter should be really, really soft. I typically microwave it just until it starts to melt and then stir it in with a wire whisk. If you can cut the butter into pieces, then it is not soft enough. The cake is a pretty dense cake, however - denser than we are used to here in the U.S. I hope the flavor still was enjoyable, and you'll try it again! I'm thinking about making another one this coming weekend. Good luck.
sdebrango October 7, 2011
The recipe said to Warm the butter until it is very soft but not melted and add it to the eggs and sugar, along with the milk and the zest of one lemon.
Maybe you didn't warm the butter enough and thats why you had a hard time, also it say's that you should add the warmed butter to the eggs sugar milk and lemon zest and all of that should be folded into the batter. Also one thing to watch out for is that all the ingredients should be room temperature, eggs, milk etc.. I hope this helped you.
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