Meyer lemon substitute?

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Karen August 6, 2017
Great idea! Thank you!
Auntie M. October 9, 2011
Thank you all for your answers! I substituted one regular lemon for the one Meyer lemon. Lazy Mary lemon tart. It was very good. Look forward to trying recipe with a Meyer!
cookbookchick October 9, 2011
Meyer lemons have an intoxicating perfume that really is like nothing else. I like drbabs idea of half lemon and half orange, but pierino's mention of tangerine sounds like a tasty substitute, too. As JessicaBakes says, it depends on what you are planning to cook.
pierino October 9, 2011
Meyer lemon is hybridized (I think with tangerine). The result is a thin rind, and yes, a lot of sweetness. Depending on what you are making you might want to experiment a bit.

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drbabs October 9, 2011
For juice, I like 1/2 lemon juice and 1/2 orange juice as a substitute for meyer lemon juice.
boulangere October 9, 2011
Meyer lemons are quite a bit sweeter, and there really isn't an equal substitute. If you use regular lemons, the flavor profile will be a bit different, but it certainly won't be terrible. Go ahead and use a lemon lemon.
JessicaBakes October 9, 2011
Depends on your recipe. I believe Meyers are a little sweeter than regular lemons and they have Much more tender rinds/skins. What a you using them for? If you're preserving them or using in a dessert, you may have to alter the recipe a little. If it's just a savory dish with juice, then you're fine with regular lemons in my opinion.
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