puree versus diced tomato's

making vegetable soup, by mistake added cn of puree tomato meant to add can of diced, what will that do to soup, what should i do to correct this, change or add...thoughts of taste texture difference?



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Sounds like tomato vegetable soup now. Maybe add a little cream, a smidge of tarragon and a smidglette of curry powder.
wssmom October 10, 2011
I think you may be on to something!! Like Jessicabakes says, it will turn out fine, just a bit different.
JessicaBakes October 10, 2011
Hm, I wouldn't tweak too much since it's still an equal amount of tomatoes. I would make it as usual first, then increase spices as needed to make them show up better against the now-stronger voice of tomato. Also avoid extra acid (i.e. if it calls for vinegar, you may want to decrease). Hope this helps!
sheredel October 10, 2011
JessicaBakes October 10, 2011
So, there's definitely a textural difference. If you have a fresh tomato on hand, I'd recommend dicing it up and throwing it in. In terms of taste, you are probably going to have a more pervasive tomato taste throughout. With diced tomatoes, you get some juice that permeates the soup; with puree, you're basically adding tomato sauce. So you will have a creamier, less chunky and tomato-ier soup. Overall, I'm sure you're fine
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