I love the look of these gnocchi. I saw this recipe a year ago, and asked about the size/weight of the potatoes. I never got an answer. Russets ca...

...n vary so greatly in size. Can anyone who has successfully made this recipe, please let me know? Much thanks

bella s.f.
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Ricotta and Chive Gnocchi
Recipe question for: Ricotta and Chive Gnocchi

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gothamista October 11, 2011
I haven't made the recipe, but seeing as how no one has answered, I looked to several cookbooks and other recipes, and to Internet Cooking Princess' own website. There, she specifies "large" Russets. Other recipes using comparable amounts of eggs and flours use between 1.5 and 2 pounds of potatoes. I think if you get 3 half-pound potatoes (or slightly larger), that would be about right. Plus gnocchi is relatively forgiving and you can always add a little bit more ricotta or flour as necessary depending on texture.
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