2-part question about homemade gnocchi

I made some homemade gnocchi last night. I salted some russet potatoes, baked them, peeled them, then ran them through a ricer. I used minimal flour and egg yolks and the result was a VERY soft gnocchi. the over all dish was very good. I made a simple sauce by browning some chicken sausage, adding shallots and blanched asparagus, white wine and chicken stock, and finished with butter.

Question 1: I tried and failed to brown the outside of the gnocchi in my sauté pan; it stuck like crazy and barely held together. should I have cooled the gnocchi in an ice bath right after cooking it before trying to sauté it? any good gnocchi sautéing tips?

Question 2: if I want to make the gnocchi ahead of time to freeze it, should I freeze it raw or pre-cook it? I've heard horror stories of frozen gnocchi dissolving in the pot of boiling water. I've searched this subject and have heard competing arguments for both cases (but I trust this community more than them).


  • Posted by: Benny
  • August 22, 2014


nancy E. August 24, 2014
I also freeze raw Gnocci. Dust them with flour before freezing on a cookie sheet. When cooking them, do not use rapidly boiling water, be gentle. I think that those that dissolve were not made with enough flour to begin with. If you try to boil mashed potatoes, they fall apart. Flour binds. I feel the same thing happened when you were frying them. Firstly, use a good non stick pan and make sure they are sturdy enough by making them with the proper amount of flour. Good luck.
KimmyV August 24, 2014
This is the recipe I use. You will eventually get the feel of how much flour you need. It takes a bit of practice. Mine were horrible at first but now I am a pro at making gnocchi.
KimmyV August 24, 2014
Sounds like your gnocchi needed a bit more flour. I usually boil mine and then brown them in a cast iron skillet that is nice and hot and has a good coating of butter in it. Any other type of pan and they stick easier. I freeze uncooked gnocchi and they cook up just fine.
Kristen W. August 23, 2014
Benny, I've had that happen with gnocchi frozen raw, but I was/am inexperienced at making gnocchi so I just assumed that my ingredient ratios must have been off. Curious if people know of specific causes for this.
smslaw August 22, 2014
I freeze uncooked gnocchi all the time. Just toss the frozen gnocchi into boiling water and cook as usual, i.e. until it floats.
Benny August 22, 2014
so why do so many people experience their frozen gnocchi disintegrating, turning to mush, etc..?
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