Squash hands

You know what I'm talking about -- tame a butternut squash and you end up with a weird stubborn layer on your hands. Any tried and true solutions for getting it off?

Kristy Mucci


Droplet October 13, 2011
I like to sprinkle some baking soda on and rub it like dry soap. It exfoliates mildly and takes most things off.
Bevi October 13, 2011
I have used lemon juice, and then soap and water, and the works pretty well.
beyondcelery October 13, 2011
Here's the old thread about that:

I've also since discovered that rubbing olive oil on my hands after cutting up the squash, then washing all that off with soap and water seems to be slightly more effective in removing the stickiness.
hardlikearmour October 13, 2011
What about making a paste of soap and kosher salt, and using it to scrub your hands?
JessicaBakes October 13, 2011
Comes right off with soap and water for me too. You can try a latex glove if it's really a problem for you
thirschfeld October 13, 2011
or you could wear it proudly like a squash henna tattoo letting people know you actually cook.
Kristy M. October 13, 2011
love that, thirschfeld!
petitbleu October 13, 2011
You might try washing your hands and then rubbing them with some lemon juice (make sure you don't have any cuts first!).
susan G. October 13, 2011
This was answered before, at length, but I don't find it on the search. I'm sure you'll get lots of help on this. I wonder if it's a problem of individual people, or individual squash. I can feel that stickiness, but it comes right off for me.
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