Edit recipe

I wish we could still edit a recipe from the recipe page. Instead, I have to back tab to my recipes, assuming I started there and if I didn't, I have to go there, both of which bring up recipes I've saved, then I have to tab to recipes I've added, and then click on the actual recipe. That's a whole lot of steps to change a word or two.



boulangere October 13, 2011
Yes, it's there. But if I click on the recipe on the Contests page, i still have to get to it on the My Recipes page, then get to Recipes I've Added. I don't remember all these steps on the former site.
Amanda H. October 13, 2011
There should be an "Edit" button just below the recipe photo on the left hand side? Is it not there for you? If not, can you let us know whether you're on a Mac or PC and what browser (and version) you use?
boulangere October 13, 2011
Yes, it's there. But to get to it from the Contests page, I have to go to My Recipes, which brings up everyone else's recipes I've saved, then click on Recipes I've Saved, then find the recipe, then click on edit. And can we still not add photos after the initial post? I use a Mac with OSX Leopard.
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