Is there a way to save a recipe you're working on?

I'm trying to submit my first recipe, but don't have time to type out the whole thing, and am going away for the weekend. My kids love to close windows and tabs, so I bet it won't be here when I get back!

sarah k.


AntoniaJames May 13, 2011
I'm often in your situation of not having enough time to type and load a recipe all at once, so I do this instead: I type the entire recipe in a text document (the print and read/edit it in hard copy). Then I minimize the text document to 1/2 the screen, on the left, and open my browser window for the food52 recipe page, also 1/2 sized but on the right. Using key strokes (or selecting and clicking, but key stroke commands are infinitely more efficient) I can quickly copy the text from the document and then paste it into the recipe on food52. Also, on the recipe loading page, you don't have to use the drop down boxes for the quantities, or even the first box for the quantity itself. You can insert a whole single line from your text document, e.g., "1/2 teaspoon baking soda," into the ingredient field. I don't have little people here any more to close out tabs or otherwise play with my documents, but I do periodically have automated shut downs by my security and operating systems software providers, to the same end. ;o)
Food52 May 13, 2011
Sorry, we don't have that functionality (yet!). But you can always save it as is and come back to edit it later -- it will just be live on the site in the meantime.
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