My 9 inch pie plate doesn't seem to work every time!

I've used my mother's Pyrex pie plate for years but have had several mishaps and am wondering if it's the recipe or the pie plate. Today's issue is whether 8 eggs, 1-1/2 cups milk, a pound of chopped spinach, a cup of grated cheese and some bacon will fit. I'm having trouble imagining it. This is a standard pie plate, not deep dish.

  • Posted by: Fern
  • October 14, 2011


susan G. October 14, 2011
Another way -- make the recipe as is, pour it in your pie plate, and have some back-up handy. (Did your mother have Pyrex custard cups? -- they'd make nice single servings.) You could even use cake pans, or a shallow casserole/baking dish.

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drbabs October 14, 2011
Sounds like a lot of liquid for a small pie plate. You could pour water into the plate and pour that into the measuring cup. Then you'll know how many ounces the plate can hold and you can scale back accordingly.
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