What is the most efficient way to squeeze water out of cooked spinach?

Every time I cook fresh spinach, it always has so much liquid in the bottom of the pan. I have even tried to use a lid hoping that the spinach would dry out a bit but that didn't work. When I plate the spinach I have a pool of liquid on the plate. Is the best way to squeeze the spinach or can I cook the liquid out of the spinach?



alienor November 14, 2018
we have creamed spinach at least once a week and our way to take out all the moisture from the cooked spinach is --salad spinner . spin it at least twice and even three times to rid the water
Smaug November 11, 2018
I usually just use my hands, but I don't do it a lot or in large quantities- mostly for spinach pasta.
Sally G. November 11, 2018
Great idea! I had no idea what a potato ricer is but I do have a salad spinner! I'll try that! Thanks
Scottielew July 25, 2013
Thank you for the great ideas and suggestions! I thought I would be able to just put a lid on the pan but now I know that won't work!
dymnyno July 25, 2013
I am a muscle tea towel squeezer too. If you put the lid on, you will steam the spinach and it will condense and remain watery. Take the lid off and the liquid will cook away very quickly.
fearlessem July 25, 2013
I'm confused by what you mean that you tried using a lid? If you are using a wide saute pan, just turning up the heat to high at the end of cooking should be enough to evaporate the liquid pretty quickly...
Dona July 24, 2013
I bought a jumbo potato ricer just for this use.
savorthis July 24, 2013
I usually just use my bare hands or push it against the sides of my giant strainer with a spatula, but have also used a salad spinner with good results.
ChefJune July 24, 2013
I usually use a tea towel too, but the potato ricer sounds like an excellent idea!
Scottielew July 24, 2013
Thank you all for suggestions!
bigpan July 24, 2013
I use a few layers of cheese cloth and squeeze.
Monita July 24, 2013
Do you own a potato ricer? It works really well for squeezing the water out of cooked greens like spinach

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drbabs July 24, 2013
I usually just drain it in a fine mesh strainer before serving, or if I want it really dry, I put it into a clean tea towel and squeeze the bedickens out of it till it's dry (usually if I'm putting spinach into something like a quiche where I don't want any extra liquid).
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