I'm making an apple pie. How many pounds of apples should be used for a 9.5 inch pie dish? And which are the best kind?

  • Posted by: JessP
  • November 20, 2011


mainecook61 November 20, 2011
It depends on the apple, but for a 9 inch pie I use about 8 apples. A mix is really nice, and local apples are even better. Some favorites for pie: Northern Spy, Idared, Cortland, Liberty, Russet, Baldwin. I find that late-maturing apples (like the Spy) are firmer and may take a bit longer in the oven. Be sure to wait until the filling is bubbly. Macs are too soft for a whole pie, but a couple are nice for their sweetness. It is worth seeking out different sorts of apples. See the article about apple varieties in this week's New Yorker.
sdebrango November 20, 2011
I don't measure in pounds I use 6 or 7 apples. I also mix different kinds, a granny smith is usually in the mix whatever looks good at the farmers market. I exclude macintosh and apples like that that are not firm and don't hold up to baking. I usually just mix them up but this year I am doing as mrslarkin does and layer the different types of apples.
broccolirose November 20, 2011
For Mark Bittman's Traditional Apple Pie (9" dish) he says to use 5 or 6 Cortland or McIntosh apples which is about 1 to 1.5 lbs. My mom used to have her own pie business and uses a mix of Granny Smith and a softer apple to balance the flavor (tart and sweet) and texture (firm and soft). Good luck!
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