Is anyone having problems printing recipes? There isn't a printing icon and printing from the drop down prints everything in a weird mess.



Peter October 24, 2011
For all those with the missing print icon, the individual who will fix that is getting close. She only has 4 items on her to-do list at the moment and this is one of them... so hang in there!
Dona October 24, 2011
I use a PC with IE and don't see a print icon. When I copy and paste to Word, every ingredient has that "do you have a question about this ingredient" and I have to manually delete that phrase over and over.
Stephanie G. October 17, 2011
I have the same problem on my PC, internet explorer as the browser.
jenniebgood October 14, 2011
Peter - I am using internet explorer as my browser. Do you think this has something to do w/ it?
Amanda H. October 17, 2011
It might but there also reports of problems with Firefox. We're working on this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
jenniebgood October 14, 2011
That's stragne - I'm using a PC laptop and I am not seeing those icons
Peter October 14, 2011
Jennie, may I ask what browser you're using on your pc laptop? I want to get those print icons to show up for you!
sdebrango October 14, 2011
I also have a printing icon where hardlikearmour said it is I am on a mac using safari.
hardlikearmour October 14, 2011
I have a print icon on the left side of the screen, below the facebook and twitter icons. I'm on a PC and using Firefox.
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