Weird combo... what else do I serve?

My son has requested homemade everything bagels and deviled eggs for his birthday. Any suggestions for what else to serve with this weird combo? Is it brunch, is it lunch?



fishinwidow January 27, 2019
Thanks, everyone! I switched the deviled eggs to potato salad and am also going to serve some leftover Christmas ham.
BerryBaby January 24, 2019
My first thought was how old is he? Tastes vary considerably from young children to adults.
Is there something he particularly likes on the bagels normally? Cream cheese, sliced meats, vegetables?
If he enjoys your Deviled Eggs, I wouldn't change it up.
A fruit salad would go well or a variety of fresh vegetables.
With bagels you have many options...a platter of cheeses and sliced deli meats.
Happy Birthday!
MMH January 23, 2019
That’s not weird at all. CongrUlate Him on his good taste!

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marianne January 23, 2019
Actually, I don’t think this is too weird at all! These are good jumping off points for either a brunch or lunch. The possibilities are endless. Smoked salmon, chicken salad or maybe a crab salad to spread on the bagels would be lovely. Fruit platters, charcuterie, potato salad or Greek salad. You could go in any direction. I’d definitely offer a variety of cream cheese spreads because the homemade bagels are the star of this spread! And as far as I’m concerned there’s no bad time to serve deviled eggs!
Nancy January 23, 2019
Is your son an adventurous or stand-by traditional prep guy?
If the first, make the devilled eggs with a series of different colored sauces/fillings:
• trad mayo mustard (yellow)
• pesto (green)
• tomato or salsa (red)
• smoked salmon (orange)
• squid ink, caviar, seaweed poppy seed, nigella seed, or black sesame (black)
If he's more conservative, make trad plain devilled eggs and serve some of the proposed flavorings on the side for others.
Definitely need something green...lettuce salad, broccoli, spinach or the like.
Fruit punch or smoothies (regular and/or alcoholic)
2-cents plain - Brooklyn based chocolate syrup topped with selzer or club soda.
A few grilled hot dogs.
Nancy January 24, 2019
Update: the drink I recommended is called a chocolate soda.
The "2 cents plain" was just soda.
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