A question about a recipe: Short Rib Ragu

I have a question about the recipe "Short Rib Ragu" from Minimally Invasive.
I forgot to pick up Red Wine yesterday when I went into town! Can I substitute a good merlot?

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Short Rib Ragu
Recipe question for: Short Rib Ragu


boulangere October 16, 2011
dymnyno's answer is beautiful, and typically informative. On the soft side, I'd say use anything that doesn't require another trip to town.
dymnyno October 16, 2011
I just made a similar short rib ragu (for 50 people) and I used some merlot , cab franc as well as Cabernet. (left overs from our tastings) They are varietals of wine that are used in a Bordeaux blend and will work well in the sauce.
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