Does anyone know if I can cut these into smaller portions to serve as finger food apps? Will the polenta hold up? Also, can I broil the polenta...

...instead of pan frying, so I can make larger batches at one time?



enbe October 18, 2011
I made this in quite small finger-food sized portions and the polenta held up like a champ! I did pan fry it, though, and it was a lot of work to do the batches small. Worth it though.
kristiezen920 October 19, 2011
Thanks for the reply. I did some research and found a recipe for polenta cups where you portion the hot polenta in mini muffin tins, chill thoroughly, remove to sheet pan, then broil them. I dont think they will crisp up as nicely if i dont pan fry them though. I might try both ways.
kristiezen920 October 17, 2011
Thank you. I really wanted to make an app that ppl could pick up with their fingers but Im so psyched about this recipe, I think I will stick to the original.
JessicaBakes October 17, 2011
I've broiled polenta before and it works, but it's definitely not the same as pan frying. Make sure you have enough oil if you are broiling and of course watch it closely. That said, they'll definitely be a bit tougher and drier in my experience.

So, because of this, I would say you can use small rounds, but if you make them too thin or try to pile too much stuff on them, polenta is just a mush of grains and will fall apart.
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