Scarlet runner beans: I bought some recently and am wondering how you all best like to use them. Suggestions, anyone? Thanks so much! ;o)



AntoniaJames October 20, 2011
Thanks, everyone! I made one of the best bean soups I've ever made last night, with your help! I'll be posting the recipe over the weekend (I hope). And buying more scarlet runner beans!! Wow, they're good. (I bought an heirloom variety, not Rancho Gordo, from Markethall Produce in Rockridge, for anyone interested. They have about 8 heirloom varieties in bulk, including cranberry and flageolet, at about $4 a pound. All three that I've tried have been fresh and flavorful.) With the cooler weather, I am so looking forward to experimenting more with them!! And lapadia, you've inspired me to grow some next year on a fence at the back of my tiny lot. Thanks again. ;o)
em-i-lis October 18, 2011
Ooh, I love to stew mine with onions and then serve atop hummus-dressed crostini, or alone sauced with generous amounts of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh pepper!
lapadia October 18, 2011
Love Scarlett Runner's, we use them the same as in any other dish. Note: love training them to climb up and around the trellis while they are growing!
Greenstuff October 17, 2011
So cool. My introduction to scarlet runners was in college, when we grew them in our stairway. They grew and grew and grew, their flowers were red, and we could eat them! So, assuming you got beans already harvested and out of the pod--just know that they are a little firmer than some other varieties and may take a little longer to cook. Then use them in any other dish you like. The San Francisco Chronicle had an article about them earlier this year,
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