Why are there multiple boxes for the 'latest hotline questions' It gets a trifle confusing.g

The older foodpickle format was simpler with 2 qns in one space.



Panfusine October 20, 2011
'Recent' fits the description PERFECTLY.. The Latest' being a superlative, didn't quite feel right!, Thanks Amanda!
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
I think the problem is that "latest hotline question" implies that that's the most recent question, and there can only be one of those.
Amanda H. October 20, 2011
We changed this to "Recent Hotline Question" to account for this. Thanks!
Amanda H. October 19, 2011
To spread the love around the page! But seriously, that was part of the idea. If you put them all in one place, it gets text heavy and no one question gets emphasis. We felt hotline questions were good visual breaks between recipe modules -- the idea being to keep you stimulated as you scroll down the page.
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