Just bought the Bamboozle compost bin, how do I get started/use?

No instructions in the box or on the box, googling all over but most info is on backyard ones. Help much appreciated, thanks!

  • Posted by: Cecily
  • August 2, 2021


Emily K. August 2, 2021
Hi Cecily! Thanks so much for reaching out. Now that you have your compost bin, you're ready to go. You'll just want to insert the odor-blocking carbon filter (per the gif on this page: https://food52.com/shop/products/4628-bamboo-compost-bin)—and you may want to check out this helpful and quick guide to composting (including what you can and can't compost): https://food52.com/blog/23990-how-to-start-composting-compost-bin-at-home. Hope this helps, but if you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected] :). Happy composting!
AntoniaJames August 2, 2021
I'm so happy to see this response . . . I just ordered one, myself! ;o)
Cecily August 2, 2021
Thanks, I read the guide, had a bunch of scraps that I threw in there with coffee grounds, how long before it's broken down and I can use it in the garden?
Emily K. August 3, 2021
Oh, that's great! There's a section in the article called "How Long Does Composting Take?" and we definitely suggest giving it a read if you haven't already—as a quick overview, Camryn writes that decomposition can take 2-4 months and that you'll know it's ready to be used once it looks and feels like the earth (and not food waste).
Cecily August 3, 2021
Thank you so, so much, I'm already excited and have been throwing scraps in on the regular; with all the vegetables I prepare, I wish I'd bought one of these sooner! Really appreciate your responses. Have a great week.
Emily K. August 3, 2021
Of course! Happy to help—we know you'll find it so useful, and we're here if you need anything along the way!
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