Who's getting notifications?

I'm taking a poll to see if I should switch my FOOD52 email to gmail. Whose getting notifications? Not me. Yahoo, PC, Chrome. While we're at it, who has a FOOD52-specific email address?



Greenstuff October 23, 2011
No, mensaque. I still get no notifications--they are not in my spam box. For your situation, you should be able to add the addresses to your contacts list, and they'll go to your inbox.

As others have noted, I do get emails from Amanda&Merrill.
mensaque October 23, 2011
Check your spam box.It should (well,it shoudn't-but it may) be all in there.Mine is full to the lid.Don't know how to correct it,though.I use a g-mail account,but it doesn't seem to do it for me.I asked a similar question that was answered in a similar way.Hope it helps.
gt9 October 22, 2011
Silence is the answer for me on all fronts...Mac with apple mail, and MS Outlook.
sdebrango October 22, 2011
I don't receive any notifications at all I failed to say what I use mac with safari and receive email thru MSN/hotmail.
susan G. October 22, 2011
My notifications did not come on the first day to the switchover, but resumed that evening and I think they are all still coming. This is on a PC with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. When they weren't coming I did look at the settings on my profile and couldn't find any place to enter the email address. I did get a few messages from members, and I hopethey got my reply!
susan G. October 22, 2011
My notifications did not come on the first day to the switchover, but resumed that evening and I think they are all still coming. This is on a PC with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. When they weren't coming I did look at the settings on my profile and couldn't find any place to enter the email address. I did get a message from a member, and I hope she got my reply!
Lizthechef October 22, 2011
I'm not getting notifications but I frequently check the box so that my email is not overwhelmed with others' responses. I use Chrome as my browser.
hardlikearmour October 21, 2011
I get all of the notifications (messages, hotline, blog, recipe) via g-mail.
SKK October 21, 2011
One more thing, I don't get a message that says my comment has posted when I respond to Hotline. Don't know if it should be there or not.
SKK October 21, 2011
I am on macpro/safari and I am getting everything. I have gmail and a host server both. (You know, you have a web-site and pay for it, whatever it is called.)

I do know our partner in Brazil, mensaque, sent this out today and wasn't responded to by guardian staff: "The little "no e-mails" box is there,and even when I don't check it,there are no e-mails.I miss them..."
amysarah October 21, 2011
Woops. Just happened again - so to correct my last reply: it doesn't say the answer didn't post, just that there was an error (which seems to imply a non-post?) Now, if there were an edit button, I could have just amended my last post...assume this is in the works too?
amysarah October 21, 2011
Since the switch, I've received no notifications for either comments or Hotline, on either my PC or Macbook, at verizon.net. While I'm kvetching - Hotline is also still loading very slowly for me and whenever I post an answer, I get a message saying (paraphrase): 'sorry, there was an error and your answer didn't post, but here's a recipe...', yet when I check, the answer actually has posted.
luvcookbooks October 20, 2011
not getting notifications about foodpickle/recipes/blog posts
aol/internet explorer (I'm 53, you can feel free to laugh)
pierino October 20, 2011
Yes, I do receive e-mails from editorial at Food52 at my hotmail.com address, but no notifications. The latter ceased the week of the rollout of the new format.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 20, 2011
I haven't gotten a notification since the launch of the new site. I'm on a PC/I.E./Hotmail
alexlutz October 20, 2011
I just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and for adding specifics around your browsers and computers. The more information we have, the better as this problem seems to be tricky in that many users are receiving notifications as usual and there is no discernible pattern (yet) to the problem cases. Rest assured that we are on the case--we want you all to have your notifications restored as soon as possible.
loubaby October 20, 2011
I get my notifications from Gmail
beyondcelery October 20, 2011
I haven't received any notifications to my Hotmail account and it started happening exactly when the site change went into effect. On a PC.
sdebrango October 20, 2011
I am getting the food52 emails but no notificatons from hotline.

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wssmom October 20, 2011
I also am not receiving any FOOD52-related emails. If you promise not to laugh, I use AOL on a PC.
Niknud October 20, 2011
Can I laugh just a little bit? More like a friendly chuckle than a serious laugh? What if I tell you, in exchange for permission to laugh, that I am a die-hard knitter (when I'm not cooking) and used to take my knitting on every deployment I ever went on? :)
Bevi October 22, 2011
I'm not laughing. I am still on AOL.
Niknud October 20, 2011
Me too. No emails of any kind whatsoever (hotline/recipe comments/etc) since the site change - on hotmail with both a PC and MAC. Still receive emails from Amanda & Merril but that's about it.
Niknud October 20, 2011
Also, still only intermitantly able to click past the first page (be it hotline or recipe pages) of a list. Not that your asking about it here but I live in mortal fear that I might miss some amazing recipe....
Greenstuff October 20, 2011
Yep, Peter. No Hotline notifications, concurrent with with the site change.
fiveandspice October 20, 2011
I'm not receiving any either, and it definitely was concurrent with the site change. I can see the difference distinctly in my email! I have been having them sent to a hotmail account which I keep separate from my gmail account because it helps my brain sort things, and I'd prefer not to have to switch to receiving them in my gmail, though I will if I must so I don't feel so darned out of the loop. Also, the site only seems allow me to comment/reply/ask a question about 1 in every 5 tries!
inpatskitchen October 20, 2011
I'm not receiving any e-mails related to the site and haven't been since the changes have been made...neither Hotline notifications or recipes and blog comments. I'm on a PC using Firefox and have a Comcast e-mail account.
Peter October 20, 2011
All, we know there's a problem with emails related to recipe comments and blog comments. Is anyone NOT receiving Hotline (Foodpickle) notifications? And did they stop arriving concurrent with the changes we made to the site? (Because we didn't change a darned thing with those emails so it's pretty baffling if they did.)
Bevi October 22, 2011
Hi Peter, I am not receiving anything. And it did stop concurrent with the changes. I am also assuming that people to whom I have sent messages in the last few weeks have not received them.
Droplet October 19, 2011
I am not getting any either. I have a hotmail account . PC
Droplet October 20, 2011
Yeah, no notifications of any kind, hotline or comments. It coincides with the changeover. For now I bookmark the ones I might want to keep up with and return to them that way to respond. It works for a while, but it gets tiresome.
AntoniaJames October 19, 2011
I'm getting them via gmail, but really wish I could get them through my usual mail (which allows me to route into folders, which helps a lot with time management). ;o)
Peter October 20, 2011
Antonia, 1) who is the email provider for your non-Gmail account? 2) Are you talking about Hotline/Foodpickle notifications or Blog and recipe comments or both? And finally 3) if you're speaking of Hotline notifications, did they stop arriving exactly when we made all the changes to the site?
AntoniaJames October 21, 2011
Peter, I'm not getting anything through my earthlink.net account. Nothing at all. I used to get everything (foodpickle answers, questions about recipes, comments on recipes, comments on blog posts), with no problem whatsoever. And yes, everything went silent as of the site re-design. ;o)
sdebrango October 19, 2011
Haven't gotten a notification since the launch of the new site.
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
Ack, grammar police! Who's not whose. I'm sure the edit function will return, but I'm equally sure I'll be cringing a lot until it does!
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