What is the type of bread i can use to make a Muffaletta sandwich?

What should i look for, is there a specific name?

James Durazzo


luvcookbooks October 20, 2011
use a softish italian type loaf from the grocery store and pull out the insides as above. it's just a container for the vast quantities of filling.
Helen's A. October 20, 2011
I use hard rolls if I'm in a pinch... great for individual servings.
ChefJune October 20, 2011
We like to use a round domed loaf for Muffuletta. It leaves room for being more extravagant with the fillings. ;) We pull the insides out of the bread and line both top and bottom with the olive salad before layering the cold cuts, cheese and veggies. It's a little harder to weight down, but it is doable.
inpatskitchen October 20, 2011
drbabs is right but I like to use ciabatta for ease in slicing
drbabs October 20, 2011
Traditionally it's an Italian bread shaped into a round flat loaf. You could use regular Italian bread but I'd suggest you remove a little of the innards so that you have the crisp outer shell and the inside of the sandwich isn't too doughy or soggy.
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