several years ago I found a wonderful pepper soup recipe that involved seven peppers; Anaheim, bell, chipotal, jalapeno, poblano, Serrano and ancho (I think). I believe the recipe was on but when I went back I have not been able to find again and I have had no luck in finding it in myriad cook books or magazines -

  • Posted by: joel
  • October 29, 2010


joel November 1, 2010
skooj sent me to a link with a recipe that is close to what I remember - and suggestions from pierino and mr.ikslopot provide some good ideas for experimenting - but it is quite vexing not to be able to find recipe again on epicurious!
skooj October 31, 2010
You might try googling Jim Kelley's Roasted Garlic and Pepper Soup, It was printed in the New York Times. It uses several kinds of peppers. Take a look. Maybe it is close to the recipe you want. Good luck. I lose recipes all the times and it drives me crazy.
aargersi October 30, 2010
Was it a broth base or cream? I love pepper corn chowder - you could make a roasted corn chowder and add assorted roasted or chopped fresh peppers in ... a little cilantro, a side of cornbread and you are good to go.
pierino October 30, 2010
I'm going to politely disagree with mr.ikslopot on this. Mushrooms and hot peppers are not a good flavor combination. Also, chipotle and jalapeno are the same pepper. Chipotle is smoked jalapeno in adobe and one of the new most misued ingredients in the American kitchen (thank you, Bobby Flay). To balance the heat you could make a fideo soup (pasta coils). You actually toast the pasta in hot oil before adding it to the soup. Another note, portabello and cremini are simply the common brown mushroom but with a fancy marketing name. Different stages of growth.
mr.ikslopot October 30, 2010
Well, I am not sure where your recipe is from or where to find it; however, I would have some recommendations if you want to experiment. I live in Arizona and have some experience with peppers. If your remove the seeds from the peppers it will help lower the heat. Your stomach will thank you. You might want to roast several of those. I would recommend doing that outside as some peppers are pretty harsh on the eyes and breathing otherwise. The flavor will be fabulous though.

Tomato is common. You could used canned tomato, tomato paste, or blanch tomatoes yourself and take the skin off. Alternatively, you could roast them. You could use the roasted red peppers with tomato and a food processor and make a sauce.

I might recommend shrimp, oysters, mahi mahi, or lobster as well.

Cilantro would be good. Only chopped and fresh.

White onion. Diced.


Bay leaf?

In Hyderabad, India the food is very hot. They use curd or yogurt to cool the pallet. In Tex-Mex we use sour cream. You might want to keep it around.

White vinegar can be added as well.

Cheese would be good. You could use some cheese with pepper and take a pepper off the list. The flavor would be enhanced coming in with the fat of the cheese.

You could add portibello mushroom or cremini mushroom as they hold up to heat well.

Anyhow, have fun experimenting.

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