I haven't been noticed by e-mail when answers are added to questions I've asked or previously answered.Why not?

The little "no e-mails" box is there,and even when I don't check it,there are no e-mails.I miss them...and so many other things that used to work for me (and to others,I'm sure)in the site that are now gone or not working anymore!



hardlikearmour October 21, 2011
I set up a g-mail account for food52. When the transition happened, some of the notifications were ending up in my spam box, which I corrected via g-mail. Other than that it's worked the whole time.
mensaque October 21, 2011
Hi, SKK!Thanks for answering even when you didn't have an answer.It's frustrating when you think no one answered and there are answers,but you just had no answer on the answers you had...hahaha!Complicated,hey?On a different matter:Who is the cutie on your avatar?
SKK October 21, 2011
That is Tom the Buddha Cat. My daughter left him to me when she went to college. She has now returned and I still have him!
SKK October 21, 2011
Hi mensaque, I don't have an answer and I know other people are having this same problem. You aren't alone and I know the team is working on the issue.
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