Are Feast Your Eyes and Eat Your Words coming back?

I searched Hotline and didn't find if this has been asked and answered, sure do enjoy those two features - they're fun!



susan G. October 26, 2011
Maybe Eat Your Words can show up like a wild card, spiking at random? While I catch some of them as they arrive, it's wonderful to see some that I miss. Comic relief is very much needed! Now that you have shaken us all up, and the pieces are coming to rest (a bit), let me mention -- using Articles as my entry point is my next step, to see if that serves the purpose of the old home page in keeping the latest entries in focus in a systematic way.
ChefJune October 26, 2011
I loved that!
Niknud October 26, 2011
I LOVED LOVED LOVED eat your words - people here crack me up. Can I throw the flag and get a review on that play? I promise to read it 10 times to make up for other people......
Panfusine October 26, 2011
I read them over & over & over again anyways, the giggles it elicits is well worth it!
Kristen M. October 26, 2011
Feast Your Eyes will likely be coming back soon in some form. But, even though we loved the spirit of Eat Your Words, we noticed that only a handful of people were actually reading it, so we'll probably be retiring that feature for the near future. We hope you'll all understand why we have to be choosy sometimes, so we can focus on developing cool new columns and keep up with the successful ones too. Please keep writing those funny, smart recipes though -- we notice them (and other readers do too!).

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boulangere October 22, 2011
I LOVED Eat Your Words!
creamtea October 26, 2011
me too.
Kitchen B. October 22, 2011
Me too - especially Feast your Eyes with my bent for photography! Just adding my voice...
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