I can only view the top ten of my "saved" recipes. Am I missing something? I can't scroll down any further or find a "next page" button...



francesca G. October 25, 2011
So glad you were able to solve it and to have this answer on the Hotline! Thank you!
kateteresa October 25, 2011
Hi Francesca--
Thanks for the quick answer! I did some investigating and it seems that my browser (IE8) was set to compatibility mode. (This made it behave like IE7.) For some reason, when it is set this way, the pagination is not visible at the bottom of the page. When I turned this setting off, I was able to page through all my saved receipes. Hope this helps if anyone else runs into this.
Thanks again, Kate
francesca G. October 25, 2011
Hi there -- that's no good! Profile pages are not yet paginated, so your saved recipes are not appearing on subsequent pages they way they used to (yet), but you should be able to see them by scrolling down. We are pretty sure this is a bug affecting people with a lot of recipes saved and are working quickly to fix it. Stay tuned! Thanks for your patience.
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