Site question - technical

Is anybody able to get to page 2 of new recipes? When I click next or 2 it goes to top picks (like right now it's the orange olive oil sticky buns) not the next set of new recipes



susan G. January 8, 2012
email [email protected]. In my experience they get on problems quickly. However, this seems to pop up periodically, and I believe it's on their fix-it list.
hardlikearmour January 8, 2012
It's working correctly for me, but I've had that or a similar problem before. Send an email to the editors, and let them know exactly what's happening. I'm using a PC (windows 7) with Firefox.
ellenl January 8, 2012
It is working now for me. I've had this same problem a number of times.
Panfusine January 8, 2012
Not seen this, but I noticed that each time one edits a recipe on a contest and re enters the enter contest drop down (which is set at the default active contest), it adds a double entry into the latest contest..(I've seen half a dozen entries for the same recipe)
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