Non-Alcoholic Beverages for a Party

So I am planning the menu for my Food52 potluck (yah!) and realized that, as both my sister-in-law and cousin are pregnant, they will not be joining in the libations. But I don't want them to feel left out, or stuck drinking milk. Any cool ideas for fun non-alcoholic beverages that would suit pregnant ladies?

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • October 27, 2011


skittle October 29, 2011
I agree with the hot apple cider....add a pat of butter, top with cinnamon and nutmeg too!
You could also do some hot white chocolate and top with whipped cream.
Or what about sparking cider with some cranberries in it? That in itself will mimic prosecco. The visual effect is beaufiful!
luvcookbooks October 29, 2011
Merrill just posted a concord grape soda recipe that looks really good. I'm so happy for her and glad she told us all she was expecting! Think of it, her husband proposed on this site. (only way to get her attention?).
Niknud October 28, 2011
Thanks so much everyone! I knew there was a contest, but I always value the opinion of food52-ers! I have a gallon of cider in the fridge to pair with mulling spices and put up a batch of the raspberry-lime rickey syrup last night! And hopefully the alcohol won't be missed too much....although my husband tried out the syrup with some gin and lime juice last night and decided it was good that way too! :)
drbabs October 27, 2011
OK, don't laugh, this is totally 1950's but really good: ginger ale and sherbet. This was my mother's go-to punch. You can use any flavor of sherbet--I generally preferred orange. Or go crazy! Mix two or add in some ice cream. (p.s. I actually love the hot spiced cider idea.)
Panfusine October 27, 2011
I'm making mint limeade by vvvanessa (with a bottle of absolut on the side for the boozy option) Since there will be kids around I figure they can have the non boozy version if they want to..
lorigoldsby October 27, 2011
This is my "go to" shower punch for all of my preggo friends, and now that our kids are having kids, it will start again--- 32 oz of cran-raspberry (lite or diet) juice, 1 liter of ginger ale (also diet) and 2-3 T. of almond extract. Freeze some cran-rasp juice before and use that as either an ice ring or as cubes--or even run them thru the blender for a frozen "mocktail". It feels refreshing and the almond extract gives it a little kick.
EmilyC October 27, 2011
I absolutely love cheese1227's raspberry lime rickeys:
sdebrango October 27, 2011
Hot spiced cider is always wonderful!
JessicaBakes October 27, 2011
There was a contest on this site around "soda fountain" beverages, and there were so many creative ideas. I suggest checking that out. You can also search the "non-boozy beverages" under "dish type" in search
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