I am hoping for suggestions for a memorial service w apps. I have vegan,vegetarian, gluten allergies and tomato allergies and meat eaters

memorial service with special diets



Susige October 31, 2011
Roasted chickpeas - http://www.food52.com/recipes/14506_roasted_chick_peas_two_ways
luvcookbooks October 29, 2011
I always think of smart phones when I see apps. Can we call them appies?
luvcookbooks October 29, 2011
olives will work for everyone, I buy an olive crema that I suspect is just pureed olive at the Italian market, put it on bread or crackers. raw vegetables with a yogurt dip. Hummus. Popcorn in small paper cups flavored with different things (Parmesan or curry powder, for instance). Small arancini. Tiny pizzas. Shot glasses of soup. Pot stickers or steamed dumplings. Vietnamese summer rolls with a dipping sauce. Raw fruit in small pieces or small cups of fruit salad. Loin lamb chops, broiled. Tiny grilled mushroom sandwiches. Rice cakes.
em-i-lis October 28, 2011
Fig spread, goat cheese and marcona almonds on thinly sliced three-grain rye makes a nice tea sandwich-type of app. Good veg option if goat cheese is OK.
Food process: one can artichoke hearts (drained/squeezed) + 8 garlic stuffed green olives + scant 1/4 c olive oil + 5 sprigs parsley. Serve with pita chips. Good vegan option! Super tasty!
Another tea sandwich option is: sharp cheddar + apple chutney + roast chicken on white bread.
shemanufactures October 28, 2011
Marinated olives - easy to make ahead of time, should work for everyone's diets.

Sam1148 October 27, 2011
Endive stuffed with sauteed vegetables and spices. (think middle eastern veggi tagine flavors).
I love this couscous made from cauliflower..even better than wheat couscous..it doesn't go mushy if made the night before and oiled well with olive oil and some lemon juice. http://www.food52.com/recipes/14493_cauliflower_couscous and is a textural element for stuffing. (Gluten free and vegan)
Mushroom caps stuffed with spinach, green seasoning and feta cheese. (not vegan).
And the old stand by's of Hummus, or babagaoush with vegetable dipping sticks is a classic. (and a bit tired)
Rolled grape leaves, use brown rice or quinoa. (dolmas) can be made ahead and served at room temp. (vegan and vegetarian)

Will this be buffet service, appetizers only? or sit down? If buffet be sure to include some cards on the table listing the ingredients next to the dish.

Sam1148 October 27, 2011
That should be 'greek' seasoning..oh edit button..where art tho?
hardlikearmour October 27, 2011
Here are a couple of ideas: http://www.food52.com/recipes/11186_megs_marinated_mushrooms
JessicaBakes October 27, 2011
Polenta rounds with a sauteed vegetable (mushrooms are great) work well. You can also put thinly sliced beef on these for the meat eaters!
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