Adding photos to current contest entries & other people's recipes

We used to be able to add photos to recipes that were participating in a contest, but that is not the case anymore. Will this change? Also we used to be able to add photos to other peoples recipes. Will we get that ability again?



susan G. April 29, 2012
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ATG117 April 29, 2012
I hope this feature is enabled again. I just asked a hotline question, that seemed to have been erased, wondering whether the editors would consider putting an icon by recipes that have photos. I personally don't use recipes on this site that don't have them and I always prefer a cookbook that's well photographed as well.
LeBec F. April 29, 2012
really? a photo is the make or break factor for your making a 52 recipe? same for you with books and magazines?
MaryMaryCulinary April 29, 2012
I tried to do this too, for a recipe I tested for the pancake contest. Can we still add photos to other people's recipes? If so, how?
cookinginvictoria October 28, 2011
HLA, last night I asked a question too about the ability to add photos, especially when a recipe is participating in a current contest. I would love to be able to do this. Last night I added a Confections recipe, but couldn't find a way to load more than one photo before the deadline. It would also be great to be able to add photos to other people's recipes. Maybe there is a way for the recipe creator to approve photos added by the community?
Droplet October 28, 2011
I have been wondering about this too, HLA. There are some good recipes out there that get overlooked for the lack of photos and some that clearly come from good cooks who might not be such good photographers. I thought that feature on the old website was a nice one, since this is a community oriented place and just like comments can help improve a recipe, someone else's photo can give a recipe the attention it deserves.
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