How many servings does perrenialplates recipe for [potato terrine make? Can I make it in a 2 inch rectangular cake pan?

I'm planning to make this for my food52 party tomorrow. Can it be served by itself, or does it need to paired with anythings? vegetarian suggestions please! No goat cheese since I'm including it for arielleclemetines polenta with caramelized onions & honey.



dymnyno October 30, 2011
I made it according to directions yesterday and when I served it for dinner I used about half of it for 6 people. I cut it about the size in the picture(about 3/4 inch thick) and served it as a side to Tastefoods winning Porcini Dusted Beef Tenderloin and my Greek Style Zucchini Pancakes.
Panfusine October 28, 2011
Thanks so much.. I used about 5 lbs of potatoes, the time specified was on the dot & its currently cooling under the combined weight of a filled up kettle, mortar, pestle & a small lodge cast iron skillet!!, I was thinking of pairing it with a roasted tomato sauce (the original roasted cherry tomato recipe was from Amanda, & I simply decided to evaporate the puree down to concentrate its flavors..Really looking forward to having this,
perennialplate October 28, 2011
Panfusine - it's a great side dish - so no it doesn't need anything else. However there are many vegetarian things that it would be great with... a fried, egg, an herb salad, tomato jam, olive tapenade... just think about roasted potatoes and how that can go with anything. As far as number of people serving, it completely depends on if it is a small side or a big part of the meal. As a side - the small dish could serve 8 people. A two inch cake pan will work just fine - just make sure to fill it right to the top. thanks and have fun!
sdebrango October 28, 2011
We are supposed to send them to editors@food52. I need to work on the goody bags tomorrow! Best of luck
sdebrango October 28, 2011
I know it will be delicious, best of luck with the party tomorrow. Can't wait for pictures.
Panfusine October 28, 2011
About the photographs, are we supposed to post them on food52 ourselves, or shd we send them over to [email protected].. (cos thats what I just did with the goody bag stuff & an appetizer...)
sdebrango October 28, 2011
I have not made this but I would venture a guess that it would be about the same as if you made lets say banana bread in a loaf pan. Depending how thin or thick you cut the slices. From a loaf of quick bread you can easily get 8 nice size slices. I could be way off but thats what I think. Regarding a rectangular pan I don't see why not, you may have to adjust cooking time because it would be thinner.
Panfusine October 28, 2011
Thanks sdebrango... I have to resort to the rectangular pans only because i have 2 of them which would help in the pressing.
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