Help! Daughter's birthday dinner tonight: she has requested fettuccine Alfredo. What else should I serve? She specified NO FISH!

I am planning to make fennel and blood orange salad from the NYT Cookbook to serve with it....there will be children, adults, and grandparents present, so we need a little meat.

  • Posted by: Waverly
  • October 29, 2011


lorigoldsby October 30, 2011
My daughter's favorite is a spicy chicken strips..."lightly" blackened. The contrast to the Alfredo sauce is nice.
wssmom October 29, 2011
Pasta, salad and Italian bread would be enough for me; if you like the idea of grilled chicken, this has been a mainstay in our family forever, you don't have to marinate it for so long ...

sdebrango October 29, 2011
Chicken here too! Love it with a simple grilled chicken.
amysarah October 29, 2011
I also think you want to stick to something pretty light with Fettuccine Alfredo. If you want a separate dish (instead of adding pancetta to the pasta - which would be great) - you could do a simple sauteed chicken paillard or maybe veal scallopini with lemon. Very old school, but still delicious.
hardlikearmour October 29, 2011
I'd probably just do a simple grilled chicken breast, which could be sliced and served over the pasta for those who want meat. For me the pasta and salad would be plenty!
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 29, 2011
How about some crispy coated chicken breasts? or
Amanda H. October 29, 2011
Why don't you add some bacon or pancetta to the pasta? It's such a hearty dish, I can't imagine eating a whole separate meat dish with it. The rest of your menu sounds great, but I'm biased... :)
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