Website question - when I click the facebook "like" button on an article, this is what happens:

the wrong picture shows up on my facebook page, and/or no picture at all. e.g. the dinner & a movie sleepy hollow link shows up with the pig from Stone Barns.



Amanda H. October 29, 2011
Yes, sorry about that. We had FB pulling the wrong photos and we resolved this just 2 days ago. Unfortunately, if an item has been liked between the time we relaunched and 2 days ago, it will forever post the wrong image. Maddening! But ongoing, any new items that are "liked" should post the correct image.
mrslarkin October 29, 2011
thanks Amanda. Glad to know you're aware of this one. fyi, I clicked the "like" button on the sleepy hollow story tonight, and got the piggy instead. Also, remember the "comment" field we used to get when clicking on the facebook "like" button? It's not appearing. Will that come back?

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