I'm in the market for a new digital oven thermometer. Can anyone recommend their favorite model (for accuracy, longevity, and ease-of-use)? We currently have the Taylor/TruTemp Classic 1470, and its probes just don't last, so we're looking for a new thermometer altogether.

  • Posted by: NFitz
  • November 1, 2010


foodfighter November 3, 2010
If you want a Thermapen, I would sign up for King Arthur newsletter. Occasional deals and free shipping can help. I love mine. I also have a polder probe thermometer, that has a clip to use for deep frying. Only complaint I have is that there is no on/off. You just have to take out the batteries after use...kinda odd but not a huge deal.
nutcakes November 1, 2010
The cheapies I buy tent to go dud quickly too.

My friends rave about the Thermapen too. I can't quite bit the bullet. But if you are going to buy one check around--they had a sale recently on their own website, so check it. I have also liked tha Poldar ones where you can stick the probe in the meat and leave it, It is hooked to a metal leash and the temp gague sets outside on the counter or use the magnet to stick it to the outside of the oven. You can program it to beep when a certain temp is reached.
pierino November 1, 2010
I'm completely down with the Thermapen suggestion. I've had one for years. You can't leave it in the oven sticking out of a carcass, but you don't need to because it reads so fast. Most of the so called "instant reads" take up to 20 seconds to give you an accurate reading. There are a number of on-line sources, King Arthur being one of them.
Mr_Vittles November 1, 2010
Are talking about a food thermometer or a thermometer to measure the ambient temperature of your oven? A good probe thermometer is the Polder Cooking Timer/Thermometer. If you want something that will last you forever get a Thermapen. It uses a thermocouple and gives readings in about 3 seconds, it is also water resistant. The problem being they are very expensive running ~$90.
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