I usually bake this chicken. Will it work on the grill?

I love this recipe. It is one of my family's staples. Tonight (in a few hours) we are having friends over to our backyard to grill, and I was planning to use it. Based on general internet research like this should work, adjusting the cook time according to the readings of my meat thermometer. Since I get stressed whenever I make a new dish or a big change like this, I wanted to run this hypothesis by the community to get confirmation from folks who have actually done this, and see if there are any tips or suggestions.

The other thing is, when I test the temperature of the chicken when they come out of the oven, they are almost at 200 degrees, well past the 165/175 that is normally recommended (I don't use the meat thermometer while the chicken is in the oven b/c I know it is cooking well past the done point). And yet they are incredibly juicy. Does that mean that on the grill I should cook it to 200 also? Or does it work differently on the grill b/c of the high, direct heat?




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