Hi! Did anyone make this with wheat flour? Also, can I replace some of the oil with applesauce? Thanks!

I have a question about the recipe "Streusel Topped Zucchini Coffee Cake" from Jennifer Perillo.



drbabs November 4, 2011
See the next question; it's similar. There have also been discussions about using whole wheat flour, and the bakers among of have suggested no more than half, and increasing the liquid to compensate for teh fact that whole wheat sucks up a lot of liquid. Just FYI, When my daughter was in high school, for her science fair experiment, she took our favorite chocolate cake recipe and made it with all oil, half oil and half applesauce and all applesauce, and did a tates test with her friends. The all-oil was the favorite; the all-applesauce was uniformly disliked. (very sticky) I'd do half and half at the most. BUT...it's cake, it's an indulgence--why not make it really great and just have a smaller piece?

FoodieFara November 17, 2011
Thanks so much! Yes, you're right-- it's cake, and I should just think about having a smaller piece! :-)
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