Where can I buy "manitoba flour" online in the USA?

I believe this is Canadian western red spring wheat flour traditionally. Hi protein content. Used in Italy for pizza et al.

Andrew Mayer


Lorenza S. February 4, 2019
Andrew M. February 4, 2019
Wow! This thread began years ago with my posting. A number of years later I learned the BuonItalia (AKA: Misono Food Ltd.) in the Chelsea Market in NYC carries manitoba flour all the time. At least they did a few years ago. You can ask for Antonio.
Andrew M. March 23, 2012
I found it finally. Teitle Bros. in the Bronx. Ask for Eddie. He either has it in stock or can get it. (718) 733-9400
SKK November 5, 2011
Now embarrased because I saw the rest of the question. I think red spring wheat is the same whether in Canada or US. I recommend googling red wheat flour.
SKK November 5, 2011
Going to ask a silly question here - what is manitoba flour?
Felicity C. July 9, 2020
Flour ground from Manitoba wheat.
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