The cooks who follow me section in Cooks still appears (for most folks I have looked at) be occupied by a random group.

Cooks who follow me tab seems to contain a different collection of cooks than pre site update. I'm sure of that for mine and looks like it for others. Any thoughts?



Burnt O. November 8, 2011
I love you all dearly, but website speed, and the ability to upload recipes and photos easily are my top priorities. The social aspect of following other cooks is lovely, but not a Top 10 in my book of Food52 issues. Thanks Kristen - you guys are doing a great job. I don't know of any other crowd sourced website with the responsiveness of this one. We're pulling for you guys!
luvcookbooks November 8, 2011
Thanks, Kristen! I have seen this commented on but hadn't seen a response, perhaps my error.

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Kristen M. November 6, 2011
Yes, this is on our list and the developers will tackle it as soon as they get past some of the more deal-breaker bugs. Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime -- web design is indeed a tremendous project, especially for a small team like ours.
drbabs November 6, 2011
Thanks, Kristen. I'm in awe of your 24-7 responses, and am hoping that you're having some fun, too.
SKK November 6, 2011
Thanks, Kristen!
susan G. November 6, 2011
Let's assume that the fixers of FOOD52 have prioritized the fix needs. This problem has been commented on earlier, so let's let them do what they have to do! Who knew that web site design and repair was so difficult? (not me)
inpatskitchen November 6, 2011
Same with me!
drbabs November 6, 2011
You're right. When I go to your page, it indicates that I'm following you, but I'm not on your list of followers. And there are only a few people I know on my list--the rest is really random, like it's someone else's list of followers.
SKK November 6, 2011
Same thing with me.
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