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I need a side dish to go with a Mexican lasagna I've made and I don't know what to make. The guest I'm having over is a big eater and when I made these individual casseroles...well, I just don't think one is going to be enough for him. I'm planning on doing cornbread with it...but what else should I serve along side it?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • November 6, 2011


skittle November 7, 2011
Well, the recipe is just something that comes out a bit different each time I make it. But the basic premise of it is as follows:

First, I'll sautee ground beef with a bit of cayenne and cumin, some chopped onion and garlic and some diced jalepenos. I let it get nice and happy. Then, I add in some sour cream to cut the heat a bit as well as a touch of salsa.
I then place some flour tortillas in a casserole dish that I've spread with refried beans, top it with some grilled corn, and a layer of the meat mixture, followed by some jack cheese. I just repeat these layers till the casserole dish is all full. I top it with more cheese and some tortillas that I've cut up. I bake it covered at 350 for about 45 minutes, and the last 15, I uncover it and the tortillas get nice and crispy and the cheese gets gooey.
Serve with extra salsa, sour cream and a bit of hot sauce.

It's really filling-but as I said, my guest is a big eater!
nutcakes November 9, 2011
Thanks for that, sounds like a good recipe for a potluck or family group. Sinceyou posted the first question my friend tried something with chicken stewed in red chile colorado sauce, layered with corn tortillas, cheese and corn. It was too soupy and was better when reheated. Yours sounds better and thanks for the tip about uncovreing it at the end.

Hope you figured out something for your friend. If that and cornbread can't fill him then I'd be wringing my hands. Maybe a chile relleno if it isn't too much work. Peppers are super healthy foods, maybe some kind of stuffed poblano or bell pepper with rice, since you casserole doesn't have rice. You can make that ahead too, maybe a little sauce like for enchiladas, even purchased to topp the chiles with and will be nice with your casserole. Or even just a pepper and onion sautee. like rajas, with or without crema.
nutcakes November 7, 2011
I don't know what Mexican Lasagne is but for side dishes with Mexican food I really like Jicama and Orange Salads and it is just the right season. You can dress it with crema thinned with lime and for a special touch sprinkle with pomegranite seeds and maybe crushed roasted peanuts. But maybe you need a pot of Rancho-style beans alongside and/or Spanish rice. If you need more details on any, let me know.
boulangere November 6, 2011
And do you plan to post your Mexican lasagna? Please!
Niknud November 7, 2011
I second the request for Mexican lasagna!
boulangere November 6, 2011
This salad is to die for:

It comes together in minutes, and the flavors are astonishing. I make it every session for students who need to shocked into appreciating new flavors. Filling? Oh, yes, because its flavors are so fantastic.

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Robin O. November 6, 2011
I always love a salad of avocado, tomato, red onion and romaine with a lime vinaigrette with Mexican dishes. When you toss it together, the avocado makes it creamy.
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