how do you get the bread out of the can?

Steamed Brown Bread
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Sam1148 December 7, 2011
that's a very interesting recipe. Although, some modern cans have a rounded bottom, impossible to use with a can opener on the bottom side. I found this out when trying to use tuna cans to use as 'egg rings/plating rings'. Pineapple cans don't have the round bottom.

Another option is "Flower Pot" bread. Popular in the 70's. Using the very small clay flowerpots, oiled, seasoned and baked to use again and again..and use those with a little foil or parchment on the bottom hole to keep the dough from leaking out through the drain hole in the bottom.

I've only had that with sweet yeast bread...but served in the flower pot and you just twisted the bread out at the table. The little single serving clay flower pot made a nice presentation for a organic resturant I used to go to, the inside of the clay pot was well seasoned and apparently non-stick after use. Just a push with your finger through the drain hole at the bottom and the bread would slip out. (of course these were used A LOT at the place and well seasoned).
ChefJune November 7, 2011
I've always just used a can opener to take the bottom off the can. The bread usually slips right out.
BoulderGalinTokyo December 7, 2011
I use the can opener to take the bottom off, then push it up through the can pushing the bread or cake out the top.
Great recipe!
susan G. November 7, 2011
As it cools it will probably shrink and pull away from the sides. You could take the bottom off the can -- and find more cans for the next time.
thirschfeld November 7, 2011
Take the foil off the can. Invert the can and Slap it with authority on a counter. This usually releases it but you may still need ti jiggle it to get it out .
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