I'm going to make chicken pot pie turnovers this evening, with puff pastry as the shell. Will freezing the leftovers be okay?

If so, how should I reheat later? Thanks!



hobbybaker November 9, 2011
Thanks. That's kinda what I figured, but the hubs is in Afghanistan and I love this recipe enough to make the whole thing--just not eat the whole thing in one sitting by myself.
boulangere November 9, 2011
Oh, I feel you. I cook for one, and am always dealing with refrigerating/freezing/reheating issues. I admire your restraint!
boulangere November 9, 2011
They sound lovely, and I can't imagine any reason you couldn't freeze them. Be sure to cool them adequately first. Just a caution: re-heated puff pastry tends to be a little tough.
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