I am having company tonight for a simple week-night supper. I am making individual chicken pot pies.

These are rich because of the cream sauce in the filling and the puff pastry top. What type of side would go well to serve with these. I am thinking maybe just a small garden salad as there are veggies in the pot pie. But is that enough to serve company?



PieceOfLayerCake May 11, 2015
If I'm afraid of a salad not being substantial, or too basic, to serve to company, I'll exchange the greens for a more unique mix. Things like shredded jicama, endive, wild mushrooms, figs, pears, fennel, paper-thin radishes, nuts, aged cheeses, etc., can make fantastic salads, dynamic and hearty enough (sans greens) for a side without it being too heavy. Top it off with a fun vinaigrette, and you have a prime accompaniment.
mrslarkin May 11, 2015
I love your idea! If you aren't sure about it being enough, maybe offer some more substantial mix ins like bacon, blue cheese, or marcona almonds. And don't forget to save room for dessert!
Susan W. May 11, 2015
I think it sounds lovely. An herby green salad with a light vinaigrette would compliment your rich pot pies perfectly.

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Klweaver May 11, 2015
Garden salad is perfect - I've done the same thing for dinner parties, and everyone loves it. Feels kind of fancy, but welcoming too.
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