Celeriac. You know the root vegetable that looks like Alton Brown. I have my own seasonal favorites, but I'm curious how others use it. I'm not looking for full recipes, just general ideas and themes (I don't follow recipes anyway). My nickname for it is Shrekfruit.

  • Posted by: pierino
  • November 3, 2010
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RavensFeast November 4, 2010
Love, love, love it! Best version I've ever had was made by Fergus Henderson and true to form, it was as simple and pure as can be. He tossed batons of celeriac in a remoulade of equal parts (I think) creme fraiche and strong Dijon mustard, then spooned it next to a buffalo tenderloin bresaola.
Queen O. November 4, 2010
P.P.S. Yeah, I know you specified no recipes, but I don't really use one for this. I just had to write it down for other peeps.
AntoniaJames November 4, 2010
Great question. I put it in split pea soup, with a good handful of Chinese celery leaves. Adds great flavor. I also put it in my richest stocks when they are destined for hearty winter bean-based or beef + vegetable soups and stews, for the same reason. Couldn't cook without it, starting in mid to late October, depending on when autumn begins here . . . ;o)
pierino November 4, 2010
Thanks folks. I've come away with some great ideas for one of my favorite roots.
Queen O. November 4, 2010
The celery root is a key flavor component of my mixed root vegetable puree. It's always a favorite with my guests and leftovers can be used as a start for a nice soup: Mixed Root Vegetable Puree

Beautiful color and fall flavors, this is always included on my Thanksgiving menu.

~3 lbs peeled rutabagas, cubed
~1 lb peeled celery root, cubed
~1 lb red potatoes, large (2”) chunks
~ ½ lb peeled carrots, 1” pieces

¾ cup cream or half & half
1 stick unsalted butter
1 small clove garlic, chopped
1 small bundle fresh thyme

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil vegetables together in salted water until all are cooked through -- or fork tender. [Potatoes could be omitted, but they give an extra creaminess to the puree.]

Heat cream, butter, garlic and herbs to just below simmer and hold at that heat while vegetables cook.

Drain vegetables. Remove thyme bundle from cream and mix together. Puree with immersion blender until smooth. Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Vary ratios of vegetables, or herb bundle for different flavors and/or substitute chicken or vegetable broth for lower fat option.

P.S. Rutabagas are wonderful. They need a marketing campaign too!
innoabrd November 4, 2010
I do a straightforward braise with thick slices. Love the stuff, but only get small, pathetic specimens here in SA...
betteirene November 4, 2010
Jeez, pierino, now every time I see Alton I'll think of you and Shrek.

I was going to suggest a remoulade or french fries, but Stockpot won me over. It looks like it's make a great side dish with french bread and some good coarse sausage.
Stockout November 3, 2010
Oh, just make a hash with it.
calendargirl November 3, 2010
It really adds depth of flavor to chicken or vegetable broth. Just add several cut and peeled pieces when making the stock.
Kitchen B. November 3, 2010
I love it in mash, in a remoulade - with apple and also in soups. See http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2009/12/21/christmas-with-celeriac/
Bevi November 3, 2010
Celery root needs a great marketing campaign. People buy prepared celery root salad in France the way shoppers buy prepared potato salad and cole slaw in this country!!
foodfighter November 3, 2010
I like it roasted with herbs de provence and olive oil. Then seasoned with salt, good white wine vinegar and a little more olive oil. I usually separately cook beets the same way, and serve them together. It makes for good contrast.
SweetTea November 3, 2010
I like it roasted with other root vegetables. I just mix a bunch of root vegetables together with some sliced red onion, olive oil, lots of finely minced garlic, minced fresh herbs (or dried) -- thyme is a must though. Bung into a hot oven and roast. It works in soups too, especially celeriac and mussel soup. Yum!
pierino November 3, 2010
Yep, Bevi, that's already one of my favorite ways. I love using it. And sometimes I think people don't buy it in the supermarket because they don't know what do with it or because it looks like Alton Brown, or that thing that Tom Hanks was playing with in Cast Away.
Bevi November 3, 2010
I like it raw in a celery root remoulade salad. It is an easy recipe and very satisfying. It is a staple in France. The dressing is mayonnaise, lemon juice, and vinegar. I know you don't follow recipes, but Ina has an easy one:

Jon P. November 3, 2010
I like to boil it in roughly half-inch cubes, then make a bechamel and whisk some gruyere into it. Put the celery root in a baking pan sprinkle with salt, pepper, and thyme leaves, pour the sauce over the top, top with bread crumbs, and bake until it gets browned on top.
healthierkitchen November 3, 2010
I tend to use it mashed or pureed with potatoes.
TiggyBee November 3, 2010
I love it french fried and one of the best soups I've had recently was a purée of shrekfruit and fingerling potatoes.
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