Can you brown vegetable shortening like butter?

precious Conway


Nancy December 23, 2014
agree with Jilhil and ChezHenry, can't do w/veg shortening. It sounds like you want browning action when you use it in a recipe. Is this so? If yes, you can use other ingredients that do brown/caramelize to give you that taste...e.g. flour in a roux, for a sauce, or aromatics (onion garlic etc) when starting a savory recipe. Or add something like vinegar to sweet dishes or Worcestershire sauce to savory ones. Hope this helps.
jilhil December 22, 2014
I don't think so - the milk solids in butter are what cause the browning.
ChezHenry December 23, 2014
jilhil is correct, it wont work.
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