Reheating gratins / making gratins in advance

I know reheated gratins are almost never as good as just-baked gratins, but in what way? What should I expect if I bake a potato or sweet potato gratin in the morning and reheat just before we have Thanksgiving dinner? That means it will sit for 4 hours, while the turkey is roasting, and then be reheated in the oven.



halfasiangirl November 17, 2011
Thanks guys! Very helpful.
Blissful B. November 17, 2011
I go ahead & prep the gratin on Wednesday (cook the veggies, make the sauce & layer up the casserole) & refrigerate it unbaked. I then put it straight from the fridge to the oven on Thanksgiving day. That saves me time, but I have room in my oven for the gratin on T-Day. I don't know if you're thinking of time constraints or space limitations.
inpatskitchen November 17, 2011
Totally agree with Merrill, especially on a day like Thanksgiving where you have SO much going on!
Merrill S. November 17, 2011
I actually find that a reheated gratin can be quite tasty! I usually bake mine not quite all the way and then reheat and finish cooking simultaneously before serving -- I find this keeps the potatoes from being mushy.
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