Brine or Not brine?

I brine a bird for Thanksgiving usually, but I just read the brining makes the bird rubbery. Is it true? Do you brine or not?



dymnyno November 18, 2011
I am getting to Maui Tuesday afternoon, so I won't have 3 days to dry brine my turkey. So, I did a dry run dry brining a 5 pound turkey breast. I dry brined for only 24 hours and then roasted the turkey. It came out perfect. The only thing that I noticed that many would not like was that the skin was rather leathery. Freddy and I are not skin eaters so it was no problem for us.
SKK November 18, 2011
I always brine our turkeys and it makes a huge difference in taste and texture. Have not tried dry brining yet.
Started doing this in 2000 when I read an article in Cooks Illustrated. It is so worth the trouble.
Blissful B. November 18, 2011
Here's a recent question on the same topic, with lots of opinions:
francesca G. November 18, 2011
Have a look at this Genius Recipes post on bringing birds: . We found this one to be juicy as can be and involves a very simple technique.
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