Do you like to chop or slice? When I only owned a Western Chef's knife I roll-cut all my vegetables, but as I have grown my Japanese knife collection, I have gravitated to an Asian chopping motion. I chop carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, basically everything except meats. I have found it to be fast, effective, and precise. So how do you like to cut your vegetables (and if anyone has experience with a Chinese Chef's knife I would like to hear your experiences with it)? What have you found to the most efficient/effective to plow through pounds of veg? Thanks.



innoabrd November 6, 2010
I've really shifted over to a santoku as well for most veg. The exception for me is something like pesto, which I always hand chop. I just find I can work through a big pile of basil and bits more easily with a 10" chef's.
pierino November 5, 2010
Mr V, like yourself I have about 100 knives or blades of various kinds. I think it depends on what you are cutting or shaping. For somethings I'll turn to the mandoline aka Robespierre. I still can't tournee potatoes using a birds beak with any real efficiency, in part because my right thumb gives me trouble these days. Chinese cleaver? I love those but I'm far from an expert. I often work in our community kitchen where there's always a team of well-meaning volunteer cooks and it pains me to watch some guy daintly slicing scallions one at a time. I just look over and say "gimme that." While I travel with a santoku because of its versatility, the 8" chefs knife is what I grew up with.
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